Career Preparatory High School Open School Night - May 30, 2024

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    Stephen L. Dewey

    Special Guest: Dr. Stephen L. Dewey

    Presentation Highlights:

    • Understand how pre-existing differences in brain dopamine underlie the risk of unmasking the disease of addiction which can be observed prior to the expression of the disease. Discuss behaviors associated with these changes.
    • Compare and contrast how drug use affects the developing adolescent and adult brain. Discuss differences in addiction between males and females.
    • Examine the use of cell phones and video gaming (specifically Fortnite and Minecraft) on dopamine concentrations.
    • Discuss a range of drugs including caffeine (energy drinks), alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, 'Spice,' ecstasy, opiates and methamphetamine. Learn how the environment causes relapse to drug-seeking behavior.
    • Discuss the science behind vaping and report recent clinical findings following both acute and long-term use.
    • Actual human PET images are shown and discussed.
    • Presentation empowers parents with the knowledge and confidence to guide their children through their adolescent and teen years.
    • Format is non-judgmental and is based on objective scientific data that has been peer-reviewed and published.